How to be awesome

I’ve been digging a lot of information about how to become the best version of myself. I’ve read about a 100 or so books regarding this topic, they all conclude that in order to be awesome you have to be yourself.  The best you can be is you, because that is your superpower. We tend to walk around ourselves trying to fulfill someone else’s expectation, we learn to do this when we are little, because we are depending in be pleasant to others in order to get what we need or want. Once we become adults, we have to let go of this behavior, be truth to ourselves and raise to the occasion. Otherwise, we are just stuck repeating the same painful patterns over an over, and when you don’t please yourself you end up been miserable and pleasing  no one anyway, so who cares?. The universe will support you as long as you are truth to yourself, no matter what. Live the life you want, the one that you dream of! the one you are afraid to tell your loved ones you desire. Follow your soul, this is your guide and already knows where you must go.

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